What to Buy and When… September 2013

Get out your pen and paper... you will want to take note of "What to buy and When." This will be a post I cover every month to help YOU know when to buy and save. Fall 2013 season is at its peak. This is the time to start filling in your[...]

Denim On Denim Crime!

Light vs Dark. Who will win?...I choose... both?! One of my favorite looks for this upcoming Fall season is the Denim on Denim look. There was always this misconception that wearing denim with denim was a fashion "don't." Rocking den[...]

Inside Hart: ‘Sweet Tooth’

In celebration of my up coming birthday on Thursday, I decided not to be like the norm and have a birthday cake. Instead, I wanted to go on a dessert tour! My husband and I spent the day in the West Village tasting all the treats my[...]

Wearing & Loving

Here are a few products I've been Wearing & Loving lately;Essie's Fall 2013 collection has been out in stores for a couple of weeks now and I'm obsessed with the color;ย For The Twill Of It. ย Its the most unique iridescent nail polish I[...]

Black, Gray and Red all Over

I was recently inspired by a post I read about "an item in your closet you've kept for years." I couldn't think of a specific item at that moment but it's all coming back to me now. I would haven chosen this black strapless romper I[...]

When Makeup Goes Bad…

When makeup goes bad...(cue the mystery music) don don Don! Did you know that makeup has an expiration date?It's actually not required by law to have a written expiration date on packaging but, that would be helpful wouldn't it!If you ask[...]

Inside Hart: Brooklyn flea

What do I do on my Saturdays you ask? Well, here's one thing I love to do...visit flea markets!Vintage clothing, handmade items, furniture, art and lots more make up what's know as the "Brooklyn Flea." My husband and I spent this lazy Satur[...]

It’s a fashion emergency

We've all been there...lost a button, major coffee spill or even that horrible blister you got from those "cute" shoes. Don't worry it happens to the best of us. By the end of this post you are going to have a fashion emergency kit in every[...]

Late Summer Nights

Heading out for dinner on a late summer's night is probably one of my favorite things to do during this season. The weather gets a bit cooler and we, ( my husband and I) pick fun restaurants with outdoor sitting to enjoy the outdoor[...]

The side part

The side part is a hairstyle that can transform any look into a glam, sleek, chic or relaxed look. The simple swipe of the comb can instantly fix any bad hair day and give you that va va voom effect for any occasion.The GLAM Use a large ba[...]