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Styling Fall Boots A great pair of boots is staple that should be in every women’s closet. There are tons of styles - heel, flat, wedge, over the knee, pointy toe etc. and of course all different shades and[...]

4 Ways To Style Sweatpants Since sweatpants are this fall's comfiest trend, I wanted to share 4 ways to style sweatpants this fall and still look chic. Just as simple as adding a black blazer and pumps this look wen[...]

Caring For Denim

Denim is that one item in your closet you can pair with sneakers and then right into pointy toe pumps. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is quite difficult, but when you find them (if you're anything like me) you'll wear them until they'r[...]

5 Fashion Rules Worth Breaking this Fall When I was younger, I was adamant about following the fashion rules I’ve heard throughout the years. Navy and Black shouldn’t be paired together to not wearing white after Lab[...]

Summer to Fall Styling Tips As you've read in my last few posts, September has been that awkward yet beautiful month filled with warm days and cooler nights. It's that transitional period where it's okay to pair[...]
How To Wear and Shop for Vintage, the way to my hart

How To: Shop and Wear Vintage

Vintage shopping has become such a huge passion of mine. The thrill of finding unique pieces from different decades that find their way of working right into your existing wardrobe. Whether I'm shopping around NYC, or traveling out of stat[...]
How To Wear and Shop for Vintage, the way to my hart
How to style a white tee, the way to my hart, styling, basic t shirt, rolled up, short sleeves,

How To Style: A White Tee

For those days where you just want to throw on a basic white tee but still look chic, I'm sharing how to style a white tee 3 ways!