Inside Hart

Inside Hart: Reading, Eating & American Idol

(Halfway through The Book: Dark Places) It's been gloomy and rainy for the last week. Between snow storms one day, to heavy down pour rain washing all evidence of snow away the next, I've resorted to staying indoors for a few days. So, I[...]

Inside Hart: Christmas in the Mountains

I hope you've all enjoyed a little time off this past week, I know I did! For those that celebrate the holiday I hope you had a Merry Christmas. I enjoyed spending time with family, eating lots of food and hitting the slopes the day after[...]

Inside Hart: Happy Holidays – Christmas Video Card

I usually shoot for the 1st of December to get my holiday cards in the mail. My reasoning might make you laugh (or not), but I strive to be the first holiday card on the fridge. I figure my family and friends would love to see my face bri[...]

Inside Hart: Birthday Beer Tour

Birthdays are one of the most memorable days of the year. I tend to not want to celebrate mine in a huge way but, for others I just get overly excited (to say the least). On this occasion, it was my husband's birthday. What better way to[...]

Inside Hart: Trails, Heart Rock & Changing Colors

Let's go back a few years ago... maybe over a decade. Family vacations were usually places we could drive to, and on every road trip someone would always ask me, "How beautiful are those tress, those leaves, or those mountains?" I would u[...]

Inside Hart: Bank Vaults, Waterfalls & Tea Parties

Inside Hart will be replacing "Day in the Life" going further. No worries, just the name will be changing... the content will remain the same. I started this series to share a more personal side of my life through photos, and in the near[...]

Inside Hart: The Wendy Williams Show Live Taping

We're going LIVE in 5..4..3..2..1!  When in the Wendy Williams studio, do as Wendy does... How you Doin'?! What a great experience. I have never been to a TV show taping before. So, that's one thing to scratch off my bucket list.[...]

Inside Hart: Fall Weather Cravings

The cooler weather brings on cool weather cravings. The last few days all I've wanted was soup. Creamy, thick, hearty soups. The kind of soups you eat wrapped up in a blanket cuddled next to the fire. Ok, Maybe that's j[...]