Red Chocolate Chip Cookies

Red Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm not the biggest lover of sweets, but a good chocolate chip cookie calls my name every now and then. Let's be honest, the best part of Valentine's Day is the chocolate. Chocolate hearts are sold out everywhere, but my favorite little i[...]
Frozen Pomegranate Cocktail, Thewaytomyhart, Fruit Ice Cubes, Jack Daniel's

Frozen Pomegranate Cocktail

If you're like me, you love lemon in your water, lime in your corona, and cherries in shirley temples. Sometimes drinks just taste better with a bit of fruit. My house tends to be the "hangout" house; everyone is welcome, and lately whisk[...]
Frozen Pomegranate Cocktail, Thewaytomyhart, Fruit Ice Cubes, Jack Daniel's

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Since I'll be traveling to see family this Christmas, I wanted to make a creative themed cupcake for my nieces. Their eyes light up when they see cupcakes in general, but I know they will love these adorable trees placed right in the cent[...]

Peppermint Hot Chocolate On a Stick

Childhood memories of snow days home from school and making snow angels and igloos all day with friends on the block.  Warming up my insides with a cup of hot coco in front of the TV is probably my favorite part of this time of year (bes[...]

Raspberry & Apricot Linzers

A table full of desserts is probably the best part of the food spread in my opinion of Thanksgiving. The turkey will make you sleepy, but the sugar cookies will keep you up smiling and dancing (or maybe that's just my reaction). This year[...]

Egg in a Leaf

 I was always the first one to bed and the first to rise; that's right I'm a morning person (and proud). The warmth of the sunlight bright and early is something I love and wouldn't trade places with a "night person" any day. My morning[...]