Suited Up

Although I love the holiday season for all it’s sequins and sparkle, this holiday season I’m branching out with a few different options. I suited up in a look that can be both comfy and formally pulled together at the same time. Bus[...]

Little Lace Skirt

I'm sure you've seen my lace obsession within multiple looks on my blog and I knew right away I needed to add this little lace skirt to the mix. I took these photos a few weeks ago and loved the idea of shooting in front of this small[...]

Layered Over Plaid

Lately I've been living in my plaid flannel shirt. I recently saw the idea of it dressed up, tucked in and buttoned all the way up on a girl I saw at coffee shop last week. I knew it was something I needed to try before the weather dro[...]

Front Twist, Button Up Collar

I have a few dresses in my closet but only a hand full that are my favorites. This front twist button up collar navy dress went straight to the top of the list. When Lurap reached out and asked if wanted to customize a dress I jumped a[...]

Stripe Midi Dress

The mid length dress can be a hard length to master. Even tho my height isn’t exactly considered short, I do have a long torso with a shorter leg length which can make me look shorter at times. And although I tend to reach for shorter len[...]

Crochet Lace Cut Outs

Sherwynn and I went to the pocono mountains a few weeks ago and stayed at our favorite boutique hotel, Ledges, that sits along side a waterfall. The beautiful views, quiet town and relaxing atmosphere is why we choose this location time[...]

Fringe Plaid Poncho

Fringe plaid ponchos have been making a huge statement lately and I totally understand why. They're warm, soft and easily styled over a dress or casually paired with jeans. This poncho I recently picked was slightly different than the over[...]

Stripes and Sequins

  There's this cute town not too far from my house that's completely paved in bricks and gives you a feeling that's hard to believe you're still in NYC. I end up in this area a lot for it's cute restaurants and my yoga studio that's[...]

Fringe Crochet Sweater

I've been home sick for the last few days (which was the reason for the lack of posts last week) and finally ventured out to New World Mall in Flushing to indulge in the best ramen in queens. Out of all the asian food markets and dim sum e[...]

Slouchy Cardigan

A slouchy cardigan is one clothing item that doesn’t get rotated around when switching out my closet for the seasonal change. It’s perfect for summer nights, perfect as your go-to outerwear piece for fall and will be destined to be your[...]