Predictable and Printed

When reaching for opaque tights, the predictable thought would be a skirt. When I bought these printed shorts a few weeks ago I knew I would get many uses out of them during the summer; I began to wonder why I needed to wait until then. T[...]

Leopard Lately

Over the years, leopard print went from being a bold adventurous pattern, to a neutral that goes with just about anything in my closet. I've been craving leopard lately (as seen here), and when I found this clutch, I knew it would be a pr[...]
February Fashion Round-up, The way to my hart, Striped Dress, Cargo Casual, Chambray & Leather, Neon Flare

February Fashion Round-Up

Here is a round-up of my February Fashion looks in-case you missed it: Chambray & Leather Cargo Casual Neon Flare Striped Dress[...]

Striped Dress

With the snow melting and warmer weather slowly approaching, it's not surprising that I gravitated towards this blue and white striped dress this morning. I reach for stripes every time Spring returns (23 days and counting) and end up wea[...]

Neon Flare

The weather in New York has been cold and snowing for what seems like, every other day. It gets hard when everything in stores showcase pastels and bright-colored clothing for the next upcoming season (which, seems so far away). So, with[...]

Chambray & Leather

This leather skirt has easily become one of my favorite pieces in my closet. The mid length makes it a classic staple I reach for pretty often. By adding a chambray shirt and ankle boots, it gave this classic skirt a causal yet edgy take.[...]
Cargo Casual, The way to my hart, Army green pants

Cargo Casual

Six more weeks of winter they say. The groundhog saw his shadow this year and I'm not exactly excited about that thought. Excited for more time to snowboard? Yes. But for shoveling out my car every other day... not so much. This week I've[...]

January Fashion Round-Up

Here is a round-up of my January Fashion looks in-case you missed it: 1. Sale shopping The Days After the holidays. 2. Getting over the Winter Blues... 3. Sometimes the focus of my outfit is All in the Accessories. 4. Casual mornings[...]

Not So, Black & White

I'm a New Yorker, where we wear black most of time - as they say. I find it rather difficult some days to not revert to wearing all black, but to reach for playful prints instead. I knew these pants would give me a boost of energy when I[...]

Superhero Tee

A morning stroll with coffee in my superhero tee brought up a huge discussion about cartoons from childhood. It's crazy that 20 years later my husband and I can still remember every episode and how each character made us feel. From the im[...]