Long and Knotted

A long maxi skirt was the perfect piece for my trip to Thailand. It's versatile, light weight, and comes in handy when visiting the Temples (before entering, your legs and shoulders must be covered in showing respect). Today we are visi[...]
Floral, Jumper

A Dozen Roses

I'm not sure if I was intrigued more by the busy floral print of this wide-leg jumpsuit, or the fact that when I first tried it on it reminded me of an adult size onesie. Either way, this has easily become a favorite. Those days when Β yo[...]
Floral, Jumper
The way to my hart, Head to toe, Denim, Shirt, Target, Mossimo,

Head to Toe

After seeing the stunning Emma Watson grace the cover of ELLE on the April issue, I was drawn back to the past of pairing similar shades of denim together. With this look being so neutral because of the light shade of denim head to toe I[...]

Crochet Cardigan

The minute I stepped into Nordstrom the other day- which is where I spotted this gorgeous gold crochet cardigan by the way, memories began to run through my mind. It's been almost 12 years ago when I met Sherwynn, my now husband working a[...]
March Fashion Round-Up, The way to my hart, Predictable and Printed, Leopard Lately, Mixing Prints, On Repeat,

March Fashion Round-Up

Here's a round-up of my March fashion looks in-case you missed it: Leopard Lately Predictable and Printed Mixing Prints On Repeat  [...]

On Repeat

I find when I'm feeling a bit uninspired to pull a whole look together, I resort to my go-to pieces (and my go-to places) which happens to be on repeat lately; simple light pink loafers, a chambray shirt and denim with a large coffee. Eve[...]

Mixing Prints

Mixing two or more patterns has been a trend I've been embracing for the Spring. With all the bright colors and patterns out this season I find it hard to resist choosing just one. When I found this floral print dress, I knewΒ  it would w[...]

Predictable and Printed

When reaching for opaque tights, the predictable thought would be a skirt. When I bought these printed shorts a few weeks ago I knew I would get many uses out of them during the summer; I began to wonder why I needed to wait until then. T[...]

Leopard Lately

Over the years, leopard print went from being a bold adventurous pattern, to a neutral that goes with just about anything in my closet. I've been craving leopard lately (as seen here), and when I found this clutch, I knew it would be a pr[...]
February Fashion Round-up, The way to my hart, Striped Dress, Cargo Casual, Chambray & Leather, Neon Flare

February Fashion Round-Up

Here is a round-up of my February Fashion looks in-case you missed it: Chambray & Leather Cargo Casual Neon Flare Striped Dress[...]
February Fashion Round-up, The way to my hart, Striped Dress, Cargo Casual, Chambray & Leather, Neon Flare