Stud meet Plaid

When Stud met Plaid... Everything changed. These days I'm in love with the mix of pattern and textures. This studded skirt brings out an edgy yet fun side of me and the plaid is the epitome of fall. You'll see me mixing and matching pat[...]

Mastering the Fall Scarf

As the weather get colder we use scarves for warmth but, in most cases its used as a fashion accessory. I found myself with a collection of scarves ( I'm probably not the only one) from the last couple of years and I'm challenging myself[...]

Little Red Booties

Is it just me or do red shoes give you a nostalgic feeling? Living in a dream world and with two clicks of the heel you're back home. I'm always trying to find outfits to wear with my lucky boots and today was the best day. A Plaid shirt,[...]

Time to Converse

My converse sneakers are an expression of me. They tell a story behind my laid back yet trendy lifestyle. I love "dressing up" my black high top converses with a feminine touch, whether it be a handbag or mini skirt to[...]

The Black Blazer

Casual Edgy Night Out The black blazer is a timeless item in my closet that can take me from day to night while either being the focal point for multiple looks, or the indirect statement piece.Here are a few of my favorite ways[...]

Denim On Denim Crime!

Light vs Dark. Who will win?...I choose... both?! One of my favorite looks for this upcoming Fall season is the Denim on Denim look. There was always this misconception that wearing denim with denim was a fashion "don't." Rocking den[...]