All Black

  I love the vibe of an all black outfit paired with a neutral colored hat. I've been obsessed with the braided detail of this fedora I found at one of my favorite vintage stores. I felt it balanced this look without it being too d[...]
sweaters and skirts, the way to my hart, Jessica Hart

Sweaters and Skirts

I've always loved the mix of casual sweaters and skirts, especially delicate lace fabrics like this one. Not only is the neutral color palette perfect for this time of year, but I love the mix of the two textures for fall. I've only wor[...]
sweaters and skirts, the way to my hart, Jessica Hart
Denim on Denim, Denim Shirt, Boyfriend jeans and heels, Jessica Hart, The way to my hart

Denim Shirt to Match

I love the denim on denim trend when broken up some way. Which, is why I probably wear this look way too much. As you can see here and here. I find the plaid shirt breaks up the matching denim washes, while the black pumps and bold berry[...]
The way to my hart, Jessica Hart, Long and Short

Long and Short

Finding the right balance when seasons are changing is always a bit challenging. Since the weather may start to cool down a bit over the next few weeks, my outfits will be a mix of long and short proportions. My arms are usually the firs[...]
The way to my hart, Jessica Hart, Long and Short
Plaid and Pumps, The way to my hart, Jessica Hart, Checkered pattern

Plaid and Pumps

A white tee shirt is a staple that I don't regret having in my wardrobe. And now that it's officially September, adding a pair of plaid pants into the mix with my on-going basics makes the summer to fall transitioning a bit easier. The t[...]
Heel and Chain, H&M, Denim

Heel and Chain

It's mid December and the weather here has been so indecisive . One day it's snowing, the next day its bright and sunny,  leaving little to no evidence it was a winter wonderland the day before . Today happened to be the day it was sunny[...]
Heel and Chain, H&M, Denim
Scarf, Leather, Knit

Chunky Knit & Leather

The first snow day of the season in NY came on Monday. I sat quietly by the window that morning admiring the snowflakes and thought about all the fun things and reasons why I love the snow. During the next few months my must have accessor[...]

Knee High

Do you have that one pair of shoes you just can't get rid of? These knee high boots have lived in my closet for a while now and I literally wore the heels out just from normal everyday wear. It's just my way of showing how much I love the[...]
Boyfriend Jeans, Plaid

My Boyfriend Likes Plaid

The boyfriend jeans are meant to look worn in with a loose fit , as if you borrowed them from your boyfriend's closet. I love seeing other people style their jeans with such stylish feminine touches. I always found myself pulling out my b[...]
H&M, Grey Skies, Dress, Fall

Grey Skies

Daylight savings time was just a few weeks ago and I'm already starting to feel sleepy and sluggish due to it getting dark so early. I remember when I was younger I thought It was kind of cool that the time would get pushed back an hour ([...]
H&M, Grey Skies, Dress, Fall