Leather Jacket and Shorts

There's this weird weather change between summer and fall where it's still warm enough to wear shorts but more exciting to wear your favorite fall pieces, like this leather moto jacket. There was one morning last week where I felt fall has[...]

White Vest and Flare Jeans

It's a few days into New York Fashion Week and I'm finally getting into the swing of things. I'm extremely grateful to be invited to a few shows and presentations this year which are making my days been long but it's fun going from one eve[...]

Light Layers

I had this little white dress in my closet, which I wore just a few weeks ago. I can't believe I'll have to pack it away in the upcoming weeks to make space for the bulkier items like sweaters and jackets that fall brings (which I'm not[...]

Coffee Break

Just a few days ago Sherwynn and I met up for for coffee. It's something we love to do during the week to chat for a bit and take a short break from our work schedules. This particular day the temperature was sunny, warm and close to 50.[...]

Sweater Dress

I really love the concept of the sweater dress. It's an oversized silhouette that's warm and cozy, but unfortunately not super flattering on the body. Due to the comfortability this oversized sweater gives, it often out weigh the unflatt[...]

Scalloped Sequin Skirt

This scalloped sequin skirt from eShakti was everything I was looking for when choosing an outfit to bring in the New Year. I love the versatility that comes with the flirty mid- thigh length and the side slit pockets makes it casual when[...]

Pastel Pleated Midi Skirt

I've been embracing different skirt lengths lately, as you can see here and here. I knew I wanted to a full skirt to wear for the holidays and I’m glad I found this pastel pleated midi skirt. It’s gently flared, with a textured fabric[...]

Sweater Cape

The best thing next to staying in bed wrapped in a blanket all day is easily wearing this turtleneck sweater cape I picked up a few days ago. I fell in love with the long batwing sleeves, cape-like silhouette and how it easily slips over[...]

Knee Length and Burgundy

Skirts are a year round staple in my closet. In the past, I was normally only drawn to shorter styles or a long maxi and usually nothing that fell in-between those two lengths. Lately, I've been loving the knee length skirt styles and s[...]

Pop of Purple

After investing in this vintage jacket, Ive been trying to find more opportunities to wear it. I’m not one to have too many bold pieces in my wardrobe, but I know as the weather gets colder bright colors usually has its perks. This jack[...]