DIY: Busted Knee Jeans

I've been obsessed with the busted knee jeans celebrities have been wearing lately, as seen here. When it comes to denim, nothing beats that perfectly broken in, rugged and ripped pair of jeans that look like they’ve been lived in, bett[...]
Depotting, Lipsticks, MAC, Jubilee

DIY: Depotting Lipsticks

I cringed the day I mistakenly twisted my lipstick with the top on. I'm still unclear how this happened, but sadly it did. If this has happened to you, I feel your pain. I found an easy way to save that broken, melted or smashed lipstick.[...]
Depotting, Lipsticks, MAC, Jubilee

DIY: Beer Themed & Mustache Cupcake Toppers

Want a fun way to tie in a "Beer party" theme and cupcakes?  I decided to gather up all the paper and craft supplies I had on hand. With a few minutes of thinking and drinking I came up with these beer themed and mustache cupcake toppe[...]

DIY: The Matte Lip

It's all about the matte lips this fall. Everyone is wearing it and most beauty companies are coming out with a whole line or collection for matte formulas. Easily enough, we can just go out and buy all new matte lipsticks, but what if we[...]

DIY: Embellished Sweater

  Embellished sweaters are everywhere this fall. To me it's the best of both worlds. Its a sweater that teamed up with a necklace and decided they were BFF's. Who doesn't love a warm comfy sweater with added 'bling'?!After seeing t[...]