DIY Cropped Flared Jeans

I’m sure you guys have a stack of old jeans somewhere in your closet, like myself. Since the cropped denim trend is so huge this spring, and because I tend to have that "I can do that" interest in DIY-ing my own version of trends ( li[...]

The Secret to Wearing Heels Without Pain

I've had a love-hate relationship with heels for as long as could remember, or I guess since I started wobbling in my first pair. They look so beautiful on until you've been on your feet for more then 2 hrs, then the beauty starts[...]
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DIY Lace Up Pointy Toe Flats   I have to say, my favorite shoes I own are my lace up sandals (which I've worn many times on my blog ). They're a bit edgy yet trendy and completely still in style even afte[...]

Lace Trim Skirt

I’m a sucker for anything lace (as previously seen in my post Boyfriend Jeans and Lace). I recently saw a similar lace trim skirt in a local boutique and knew I could easily re-create it with a pencil skirt I had stashed in the back of[...]

DIY Fringe Skirt

I find the start to a new season is a fresh take on fashion. You can try new trends, let go of ones from the past and in my case finally show some skin. Fringe is having a huge moment for spring and is experiencing an ultra chic upgrade t[...]

DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree Cards

Homemade cards are always a nice little touch for the holidays. They’re customizable, personal and quite affordable. I love taking the time to send out handwritten notes and cards throughout the year to friends and family. Here are the[...]

Double Shelf Styling

We've had these IKEA shelves for a while now, but recently I had the opportunity to re- style them in my newly painted living room. The last time I styled these shelves I had them over packed with photos, books and trinkets I wanted to di[...]

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

My main goal for summer, beauty wise, is to make more of an effort to wear my bright lipsticks as much as possible before the seasons change and my bright orange lipsticks become too bold to wear during the fall. I always feel that wh[...]
DIY Flower Hair Pins, The way to my hart

DIY: Flower Hair Pins

Lately, I've been loving my hair twisted up into a halo effect, which I wore most of the time throughout my travels in Thailand. It's easy and I love the look of messy up do's that give off vibe that "I tried but, not so much." I wanted t[...]

DIY: Busted Knee Jeans

I've been obsessed with the busted knee jeans celebrities have been wearing lately, as seen here. When it comes to denim, nothing beats that perfectly broken in, rugged and ripped pair of jeans that look like they’ve been lived in, bett[...]