When Makeup Goes Bad…

When makeup goes bad...(cue the mystery music) don don Don! Did you know that makeup has an expiration date?It's actually not required by law to have a written expiration date on packaging but, that would be helpful wouldn't it!If you ask[...]

The side part

The side part is a hairstyle that can transform any look into a glam, sleek, chic or relaxed look. The simple swipe of the comb can instantly fix any bad hair day and give you that va va voom effect for any occasion.The GLAM Use a large ba[...]

Liners, Lips & Tips…Oh My!

One of the biggest trends in beauty for the last couple of seasons was the bold and bright lips. Whether it's Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring, there's always a bold color screaming to be the star of the show.Here are a few tips when trying[...]

Wearing & Loving

My summer days are all about the easy going...light makeup look.  My bronzed skin from the sun seems to hide all my flaws (for now) and all I've wanted to do is wear a bright lip, a bit of blush and a coat of mascara lately. Don't ge[...]

Tried & Tested #1- BONGO Beauty Line

I walked into KMart for the usually toilet paper and of course I needed to stop by the cosmetics section just to take quick peek.  On the front aisle was the new BONGO beauty line display. I remember begging my mom for the newest BONGO jea[...]

Summer is all about the pedicure!

Happy Friday! It's all about the toes during these months. Who doesn't want to show their sexy feet in those sandals you've been longing & wanting to wear all year?! Well...only if you have sexy feet, EEK! ... just kidding! I know you do![...]

I’m Melting…I’m Melting

Summer has just started and I'm already complaining about the heat. I remember just a few months ago I was complaining the weather was too cold! I'm a summer baby...Virgo to be specific, I prefer the heat over the cold any day. No complaini[...]

My LIPS speak louder then yours

When asked my favorite makeup product my hands go straight for lipsticks. There's something about a bold lip that screams sexy. It isn't until recently I've enjoyed and fell in love with my full/plumped lips God has given me.  Some women b[...]