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Wearing & Loving: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers

Rimmel: Luna /Stellar / Aurora Lately, I've been wearing & loving these Lip Lacquer's by Rimmel. They give such an extensive pigmentation when applied straight from the tube and leave a beautiful stain on the lips when blotted; which[...]

3 New Year’s Eve Hairstyles

New Year's Eve is one of the most glamorous nights of the year. For as long as I can remember I've always anticipated the night when we could wear sparkly dresses, glittery eyes and the most dazzling hairstyles. I'm going to keep it sim[...]
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The Perfect Red Lip

Lipstick: NYX Perfect Red When the holidays roll around I use every chance I get to pull out my red lip shades. Holiday parties, Christmas dinner, or any festive event I attend, I love to plan my outfit around my lips. I wanted to share[...]

Purple Smokey Eye for Fall

There's something about a deep purple smokey eye during fall that has me extremely excited to get all dolled up. I find it a deep enough shade to give that smoked out effect rather then the harshness of black sometimes. Lately, I've been we[...]

MAC Nylon – 5 Ways

I tend to have the habit of buying makeup and letting it sit pretty on my makeup vanity ( don't we all?!). I also find myself buying the same colors over and over again just because the packaging was so pretty, or maybe someone suggested th[...]

What’s In My Bag?

There are many reasons why I love the structured tote bag I wore in my last fashion post. One, being its size, it's spacious enough for an iPad, books and many other things us ladies love to tote around. Its sleek, chic, and can f[...]

Wearing & Loving

Here are a few products I've been Wearing & Loving lately; There's definitely a color trend here. As you can tell my go to shades for this fall are plums, reds and burgundy (the colors are even the packaging!)Essie Nail Polish -[...]

Pampering in Process: Garnier Tissue Mask

This was my first time trying the Garnier 10 minute tissue mask. I usually use clay masks that dry up the excess oils and unclogs pores.  This tissue mask claims to Deeply hydrate, Boost radiance, smoothe & revitalize. Garnier says tha[...]

The Mascara Experiment

I was 2 minutes into my daily Pinterest scroll and bam! I thought to myself... This has got to be too good to be true. I think I found a way to out last the 3 month expiration of my mascara. We all hate, If not you then definitely m[...]

Shades Of Fall

  The Shades of Fall... Red, Burgundy, Plum, and Wine, are just some of the shades you'll see in the store for the Fall months. Probably the biggest trend for Fall is the "Classic Red." I used to relate red lipstick for older/mature women[...]