3 Mascara Tips That Will Upgrade Your Lash Game

Mascara tips and clever tricks to help me achieve that long lash look. Check out my these 3 mascara tips that will ultimately upgrade your lash game.

Instant Brow Lift

I’ve always had this strange relationship with my eyebrows. It was around 8th grade my mom introduced me to tweezing. I remember her sitting in bed with on oversized magnified mirror inches from her face to get the new hairs that popped[...]
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The Perfect Cat Eye: 4 Simple Steps

This liner look is quite simple and a go- to shape I’ve been wearing since high school. I did the same technique for years and before learning any other makeup tips, mastering eyeliner has been somewhat an identity for me. It elongates[...]

Tips To Make Your Brown Eyes Pop   During the fall I tend to focus on two things when it comes to my makeup: my skin ( it seems to get drier during these months) and my eyes.  Since brown eyes seem to be one of the most[...]
The Line Saver, The way to my Hart

The Line Saver

So, It's officially summer, and when the humidity hits the air my makeup has a hard time staying put. I've put together a Summer Proof Series of tips and tricks to get through summer without feeling exactly like the weather.

How To: Bright Eyes

Most days I'm out running errands wearing the usual foundation, mascara, lip balm look. There are some nights I might not get a full 8 hours of sleep needed to look bright and refreshed. So, I use these quick steps to brighten up my whole[...]

Purple Smokey Eye for Fall

There's something about a deep purple smokey eye during fall that has me extremely excited to get all dolled up. I find it a deep enough shade to give that smoked out effect rather then the harshness of black sometimes. Lately, I've been we[...]

The Mascara Experiment

I was 2 minutes into my daily Pinterest scroll and bam! I thought to myself... This has got to be too good to be true. I think I found a way to out last the 3 month expiration of my mascara. We all hate, If not you then definitely m[...]