Flawless Foundation Application With Beautyblender How to: Use a Beautyblender Makeup Sponge

I hate to admit it but I was one of those people and when I say "those" I'm referring to all the like-minded people that had my same thoughts when purchasing a beauty sponge. I purchased all different brands and shapes and I really thought[...]

My skin care routine with L’Occitane The secret to healthy, hydrated and clear skin

I hope you guys are enjoying all my recent travel photos from Spain on my instagram, if not you can go check them to here. When getting back into my everyday routine from traveling I always refresh my skincare routine with lots of moisturi[...]

Perfectly Even and Glowy Skin Makeup For Spring With Lancome

  I always loved the look of fresh and glowy skin makeup look from spring. For the past last few months I've been guilty of hibernating indoors and taking great care of my skin during the colder months. Now that the sun it starting[...]

Red Lipstick Tip – How To Keep It From Smudging

  Plaid Coat (similar) | AE Jeans | White Button Down Shirt | ZARA Sweater | Joe Fresh Boots (similar) | NARS Cruella Lip Pencil | Black Tote Wearing red lipstick was always something I thought I could never pull off. I[...]

My Fall Makeup Routine

I've been using a few new products for fall and felt it was necessary to share. If you're anything like myself I'm sure you'll leave this post wanting to try something new in your makeup routine. Here's my fall makeup routine, Let's get[...]

SKII – Beauty Routine

  The newest obsession to my spring beauty routine is the refreshing SKII Facial Treatment Essence. I use it after cleansing my skin in the morning and at night. I love how light and hydrated my skin feels afterwards. I rec[...]

How To: Effortless Waves Hair Tutorial I've been loving the look and texture of a slight wave in my hair for a while now, but my styles change up ever so often when I find and use new products. The steps are super sim[...]

Defining Second Day Natural Curls   This is probably my first post I'm actually sharing my naturally curly hair with you guys. It's pretty big I know and when I'm not in the mood to straighten my hair, which p[...]

What’s in My Makeup Bag

I made an effort to use a makeup bag on a daily basis instead of my previous set up of having my beauty products scattered all over my vanity. Let’s be honest, is not a pretty sight and was overwhelming when I sat down to do my makeup[...]

Holiday Halo Hairstyle

I’ve always loved the look of updos, whether flowy and romantic or in a tight structured bun. When I want something different than my usual loose waves, or even tighter curls, I opt for a simple updo that I’ve been doing for years.[...]