How To Get Your Off The Shoulder Tops To Stay Put

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The off the shoulder trend is on the up and there’s no sight of fading out anytime soon. I absolute love how beautiful and feminine it is to show off the shoulders and collar bone. I’m sure we all have a few of off the shoulder tops in just about every single color for summer. Since I’ve been raving about all the reasons why I adore this trend let’s chat about the undeniable reason why this trend can be a bit bothersome shall we? While not every off the shoulder top I own has this problem, but there are a few that just won’t stay put. I have that weird fear that one day while walking the down the street my cute AF off the shoulder top will just completely drop and I’m left there standing in my bra! While this might not be the case on most days it could happen if I didn’t find these tricks to keep your off the shoulder tops to stay put and secure as possible.

1. Find an off the shoulder top with an elasticized neckline. This top for instance has an elastic neckline and a self tie closure to tighten around the bust area as need be.

2. Try securing the sides of your off the shoulder tops to your bra with a safety pin. Most of the time our strapless bra are structured and built to stay up. Now your top will too!

3. Also, if you’re having an issue with your off the shoulder top riding up I found this fun trick on Refinery29’s youtube channel that is genius for fixing that problem.

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