5 Items Every Girl Should Carry In Their Handbag

Ever since I could remember handbags have been my favorite item to splurge on. Back in high school when I was 16 I remember working at a clothing store and I truly loved the idea of making my own money. My fashion taste has always leaned towards the higher price point of luxury items I couldn’t always purchase right away. But, even if it meant I had to save up a few checks to finally purchase a new handbag I was lusting over I was always up for the challenge. I’m definitely not suggesting that materialistic items create a happy life, but I do believe in saving to achieve those sought over items that make you love. So, since I’ve added this new handbag into my collection I figured I would share a few must have items every girl should keep in there handbag. Let’s be honest, my wallet, keys and phone are a given, right?! Don’t forget to check out my youtube video to see all these items in person.

1. Compact mirror: Just in case my phone doesn’t do the trick. I usually need to make sure there isn’t food in my teeth or lipstick outside the lip line.

2. Snacks: That time between lunch and dinner, that’s called snack time. I love anything gummy. Right now I’m all about gummy life savers in wild berry, so good!

3. Floss/Picks: Since i’m usually always eating some kind of greens like spinach and kale which are my favorites, I always keep floss in my little makeup bag. Food in your teeth is never a good look. These little 2-in-1 floss picks are genius and convenient.

4. Lip products: I’m always wondering how I started a full collection of lip products in my makeup bag. I try to keep the one I’m using at the moment for touch ups after eating and drinking, but a few others always find their way to stay with me. 

5. Perfume: I usually prefer keeping a tiny roller ball or mini spray with me to touch up throughout the day when my scent starts to fade. I recently picked up Victoria Secrets Very Sexy Now and its smells amazing!

6. Band-aids: Not only are band-aids for the occasional paper cut accident, but they are a life saver when your trying to break in painful new shoes. Perfect to use a barrier between that horrible blister and the shoe. How cute are these emoji bandaids?


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  • I don’t buy enough bags! Need to get on that – love your list of must-haves. I couldn’t agree more 🙂

    Christina | cuddlepill.com

  • Peppermint Dolly

    I always carry band-aids and when someone is in need and I hand one over, they look at me like I’m macgyver haha!! They’re always good to carry and people rarely have them when they need them!!


  • amazing handbag! such a cute look!

  • Caitlin

    I definitely always need to carry snacks with me haha!

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

  • Violette

    I completely agree with you! These are all the essentials we should have with us always!


  • Not always items I carry but thinking I should add picks. I usually end up needing them!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Belle

    Bandaids are always a good idea!


  • Obsessed with your cami! And good call on the bandaids – I find I’m clumsier with each passing year, lol.

  • alex14835

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