Red Lipstick Tip – How To Keep It From Smudging

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Wearing red lipstick was always something I thought I could never pull off. I felt my lips were either too big or the bold color was just too bright which it drew immediate attention to my face. As I grew more confident – and by confident I mean wearing a bold red lip in the house while I became comfortable seeing my self in such a bold color – I started embracing and loving the brightening effect a red lip gives my skin tone. 

Although there are many rules when it comes to applying a red lipstick my main concern during the holidays was how to keep your red lipstick from smudging. There’s so many holiday parties and festive events to attend and I needed that red lip color to stay on for more than 10 minutes. I’ve since developed a routine to keep the bold red lipstick staying put all day. 


Step 1: Prep your lips – You’ll want to start with a clean smooth base. I usually exfoliate using a lip sugar scrub, I really love this ELF one, I have it in 2 different flavors. 

Step 2: Once smooth and I grab my favorite lip balm to add a bit of mositure to lips after exfoliating. Then use a tissue to blot the excess balm to prep for the lip color. The EOS lip balms come in the cutest shape and the flavors.


Step 3: Line you lips with a nude or red lip pencil to create the perfect shape. 

Step 4:  Apply a small amount of foundation or concealer your lips. This will help with two things; it was even out the pigment in the lip to a flat even base neutral color and this is also help the edges of the red color from smudging onto the rest of your face. The concealer will act as a barrier. 


Step 5: Add your favorite red lipstick of choice, here are a few of my favorites. 

Step 6: Blot and repeat a second coat and blot one more. 

Step 7: Sweep a small amount of translucent powder over your red lipstick to set and absorb the excess moisture from the lipstick. This step will help it last all night long. 


Pro Tip: Slide your finger between your lips and slowly pul it out. You will see you finger will have a ring of lipstick that was on your inner lips that could possible get on your teeth. And we don’t want that!

I hope these tips help. 



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