Defining Second Day Natural Curls



This is probably my first post I’m actually sharing my naturally curly hair with you guys. It’s pretty big I know and when I’m not in the mood to straighten my hair, which probably takes a good 25 minutes I wash and leave my curls to air dry. So here’s a quick tutorial for defining second day natural curls. 

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The day after freshly wash hair, I usually wake up with flatten ends and a bit frizz. I start by giving my hair some moisture with this styling creme from not your mothers which smells amazing. I tend to focus on the ends and the roots framing my face.

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Next grab our favorite curl wand, I’m using the irresistible me 8 in 1 wand with the 13 mm barrel. You’ll want to pick a barrel similar to the size of your curl you already have to enhance your natural shape. focus your efforts on the strands that are less define, for instance I’m focusing on the ends which have lost the curl from sleeping.

Hold the hair around the iron until its hot for about 10 seconds, unspool and pull down, this will stretch it as it cools for a looser more natural curl.

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Curl as many or as few sections as you’d like or have time for.

And your done. whether your hair is fine or corkscrew spirals, a curling wand is your best friend when it comes to creating more consistent, defined ringlets without the frizz.

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