Getting In Shape with Shapewear

LBD Shapewear resizedWith the holidays approaching, many of us are undoubtedly doing all that we can to look our very best for our Christmas parties, New Year events and reunions at this time of year, but we all know that looking our best means concealing a few unwanted pounds to look slimmer and sleek in form fitting dresses.

There are a few dresses I own that surely look better when layered over Shapewear. It hides the little tummy I’ve recently acquired from sneaking little holidays chocolates that I like to end my busy day with.

Not only will the little black dress be your best friend but Shapewear will be too, and these past few years, we’ve seen many clothing brands launch their own Shapewear lines to help girls conceal their bulges and contour their bodies into more elegant silhouettes. Shapewear comes in all shapes and sizes these days so every body type can take advantage. I read an article on Reuters talking about the plus-sized clothing line Woman Within that launched their own Shapewear collection just earlier this year.shapewear styles 2

I also found this funny but interesting article on Cosmpolitan about a mans experience with wearing Shapewear. I mean, why?! He was not comfortable at all, but I guess squeezing into Shapewear can be extremely uncomfortable, and most women need all the help they can get in finding the right fit for them. It’s not just about getting Shapewear that’s tight: it’s also about getting Shapewear that’s the right size for you. For it to work properly, it has to compliment the curves of your body, and it has to be tight in the right places, and if you get Shapewear that’s too tight, it could give you results opposite of what you actually wanted: bulges and irritability because the fabric is biting into your skin.

Of course, once you’ve found your Shapewear, you can definitely wear as often as you want since it’s not just for special occasions. I’ve read that Shapewear often trains you to practice a better posture, it helps you feel more confident, and as you continue to wear your it, you’re also learning the proper way to wear it. Just make sure you’re not forcing yourself into uncomfortable situations, like being unable to go to the bathroom because adjusting your Shapewear is too big a hassle for you.

Lastly, before leaving the house be sure to test your outfit out. If you’re getting ready to wear Shapewear to a party, then prepare your outfit and try it on with the Shapewear. Always do a “sit test” with your Shapewear as well, so you can be sure that it doesn’t peek out from under your dress, or roll up and reveal unsightly bulges on your skin.

Have you ever worn Shapewear? Do you have any tips for buying them, or some favorite brands?

sit test

This is a contributed post in conjunction with Shapewear. All opinions are my own


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