7-Day Gratitude Challenge

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Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. The day is spent around family and friends and endless reminders of all the things that matter most. It’s not celebrated everywhere but the premise is simple, be thankful and grateful for everything you have. I recently found this 7 day gratitude challenge on pop sugar and loved the idea of 7 small things to show appreciation to the people closest to me. The top of my list includes handwriting thank-you cards to my five closet friends, which unfortunately isn’t done often enough. Here are seven ways to give thanks in a special way:

Day 1. Send flowers to your parents.

Day 2. Handwrite thank-you cards and send them to the five people closest to you.

Day 3. Give a server a big tip.

Day 4. Clean the house for a roommate or significant other.

Day 5. Bring in sweet homemade treats for co-workers.

Day 6. Reach out to someone who has had a big influence on your life.

Day 7. Cook a nice meal for your best friend.

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