How To Get The Perfect Curls

how to get the perfect curls, how to get the perfect curls with a curling want, how to the get the perfect curls for mid length hair, Jessica Hart, The Way To My Hart, thewaytomyhartAlthough my hair is naturally very curly (and slightly unruly) I like the option to straighten my hair when I have the time. Most days I wear my hair with a slight wave just to give it a bit of texture. Other days, especially getting closer to the holidays, I love to play around with finding curl styles to look more polished for upcoming holiday events. Ever since I got the 8 in 1 sapphire curling wand (which has taken top priority over every other tool I own) I’ve been eager to play around with every wand it has to offer. Let’s be honest, like myself you probably have a stack of curling tools jammed underneath your bathroom sink. So, here are my tips, tricks and a step by step video tutorial for getting the perfect curls that last all day.

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Tool: Sapphire 8 in 1 curing wand / Conair Booby Pins curling wand, wand curling iron, curling wand reviews, curl wand, hair curler wand, wand curler, best curling wand, best hair curler, hair curling

Tip 1. Wear a glove. You’ll want to get the ends of your hair on the barrel without burning your fingers.

Tip 2. The tool. While each barrel has its own unique curl style I found the pearl barrel to give the best last lasting curls. Needless to say its one of my favorite new hair tools.

Tip. 3 Start by wrapping about an inch section of hair around the dip part of the pearl shape wand for a few second then slowly unwrap your hair from the wand.

Tip. 4 To keep the curl from dropping, wrap the curl around your finger and secure it with a bobby pin and let it cool and repeat these steps around your head.

Tip. 5 Once your whole head is curled and cooled, take out your booby pins and loosen up the curl by running your fingers through your hair.

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