Applying Red Lipstick

Applying Red Lipstick 3When it comes to applying red lipstick I’ve always felt that there are so many rules to rocking this bold lip color; whether it’s finding your perfect shade, choosing the best formula, to the application. I’m not claiming to be the best but I do love to experimenttest products and beauty hacks out for myself. The one thing I can say about applying red lipstick is to be precise. Meaning, whether you’re using a lip brush, a lipstick pencil (like this NARS one in Cruella) or straight from the tube, this wouldn’t be the lipstick shade to apply without a mirror. Here’s my simple routine for applying red lipstick:Applying Red Lipstick 9

1. Match your look – I love coordinating my bold lipsticks with the same shade on the cheeks. Dot a small amount onto your finger and apply it right to the apple of your cheeks.

2. Go neutral on the eyes – I usually pair red lipstick with minimal eye makeup to let the bold lipstick be the star. A little mascara and neutral shadow looks amazing with a red lip.Applying Red Lipstick 10

3. Prevent bleeding – Apply a little concealer around the lips to clean up and even out your application. The concealer will also work as a barrier and help the red pigment to not bleed over your lip line.

4. Avoid lipstick on your teeth – After you’re all finished, place your finger in your mouth tightly around your lips and slowly pull it out. You will notice all lipstick on your finger that could of been on your teeth.Applying Red Lipstick 4

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