Styling the Long Bob

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I’ve always been a fan of the effortless hairstyles, where you can wake up shake you head and you’re all set. That may be the case for some but not for me, I have to put a little more effect to look effortless (crazy, I know). Since I first cut my hair back in February it has completely grown out and in a weird way it grew into it’s own style. I’ve been into the messy yet pull together style of a quick wave, side part and I’m finished. To get the look on how I style the long bob, here are the quick steps:

Hair tools, curling wand, 8 in 1 complete curler, Irresistible Me, Sapphire curling wand, 32mm barrel

Tool: Sapphire 8 in 1 Curling Wand

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Step 1. After applying my favorite heat protective spray I sectioned off about an inch of hair and began wrapping the hair around the 32 mm barrel away from my face ( the larger barrel gives less of a curl and more of a wave). And continued this step around my whole head.


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Step 2: After using the curling wand I used my fingers to pull out the curls to give the effect of natural loose waves and more texture. I added a side part and the look was finished.

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