Eyelash Nail Art

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I’ve seen numerous instagram posts and products featuring eyelash designs and knew I needed to re create it my nails. So here are the things you’ll need to create this Eyelash Nail Art. Black nail polish,Thin paint brush or old eye liner brush, A base to place your nail polish on and Band aids.Eyelash Nail Art 5 EDIT

1. I started by cutting a band aid in half. I find the shape of the band aid was perfect to re-create the U shape needed for the eyelash design. Add a half on each finger half way down your nail bed.

2. Begin painting a thin line with your black nail polish, using the band-aid as a guide. Of course, have a Q tip and remover on hand in case of mistakes.

Eyelash Nail Art 4

3. Remove your band aid and repeat on the next two fingers skipping the pointer.

4. For the pointer, flip the band aid upside down to get the U shape in the other direction and paint a thin line as the others.

Eyelash Nail Art 3

5. Remove the band aid and follow the natural bend of your nail and paint a thin line going across.

Eyelash Nail Art 2

6. Begin drawing a circle in the center which will be the eye of your design. And, add some lashes to your U shape you created earlier.

Eyelash Nail Art 6

I hope you enjoyed this nail tutorial and rock it with your favorite outfits this summer.

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