Avocado Toast 3 Ways

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The concept is simple, but avocado can turn a basic sandwich into something really special and of course delicious. Here are my favorite Avocado toast 3 ways:

Mashed Avocado and Egg
Mash your rip avocado and spread it onto your toast.
Place cooked egg onto avocado toast, sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired.

Sliced Avocado and Tomato
Toast 1 slice bread, spread with Fresh sliced avocado and 2 slices of tomato.
Top with fresh cracked pepper and sea salt to taste.

Tuna and Cubed Avocado
Toast 1 slice bread, spread with your tuna mixture.
Cubed your ripe avocado on top
Top with fresh pepper and salt to taste.

How do you eat your Avocado Toast?

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