4 Stylish Ways To Wear A Spring Scarf

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Slowly but surely NY is transitioning into spring weather. Today I’m sharing 4 stylish ways to wear a spring scarf, plus there’s a special giveaway (be sure to follow the guidelines below to enter). Believe it or not, adding a scarf to your look can instantly update any outfit.

Tie It, wear a scarf as a cape, cape style

1. Tie It: Wear It As A Cape

Begin by tying the opposite ends together in a knot. Make sure it’s tight and secure. Repeat on the other side.

tie the two ends togetherTie It 2

Drape it, wear a scarf around your neck

2. Drape It: Wear It Around Your Neck

This is probably the most common and relaxed way to wear a scarf. Start with the scarf lengthwise and wrap it around your neck until you find your desired look. Don’t be so precise, the messier the better.

drape the scarf lengthwise around your neck Drape it 2

Belt it, wear a scarf with a trench coat

3. Belt It: Wear It With A Trench 

For this look you’ll need a springtime basic, a trench coat (any coat with a belt will do). Wrap the scarf lengthwise around the neckline of the coat and let the ends hang down. Button up and belt your coat with the scarf tucked in.

belt a scarf with your trench coat Belt it 2

wrap it, wear a scarf on your handbag

4. Wrap It: Wear It On Your Handbag

It’s as simple as it sounds; wrap, knot or tie in a bow around your bag handles to give your handbag a new look.

tie a bow with your scarf on your handbag handles wrap it 2


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