The Long Bob

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For a few month now, I’ve been desperate for a change. I love the look of long hair and I was growing my hair for years, but there’s something special about having an actual style, like a long bob that makes me feel instantly a bit more stylish. Its such a big change from my long wavy hair and I love how the cut turned out and even started playing around with new styles. Since I had lots of questions for my stylist before we started I figured it would be great to share my inspiration, a few of her tips and the answers to my questions for everyone looking to find the perfect cut for them.

My hair inspiration came from Zoe Saldana. I was captivated by her overall look and how chic and polished she looked just from her hair cut. From the natural middle part and the ends flipped up to the trendy mid shoulder length style.

long-bob-hairstyles-black-women copy

Meet Tatiana; Hair stylist and Makeup Artist based out of Maryland Area. She was already coming to NYC for a family event and stayed at my place for a few days. We had a pair of scissors and an idea and we went for it. She made me feel comfortable and excited for this new change. Of course, I had to share her professional insight below.

meet tatiana Hair interview

How to get the best hair cut experience:

1. Finding the perfect cut that works for you.

An HONEST consultation. Tell your stylist the whole truth and nothing but the truth. As the stylist, holding yourself to that same expectation means less misunderstandings & more smiles.

2. Bringing pictures to your stylist is key.

Not every client is going to have a picture on hand. Having a look of different cuts, colors, and styles will help make sure what they envision is brought to life.

3. Know your client and or stylist.

Getting to know the clients lifestyle, hair care habits, product selection will help as a stylist to not only give them what they want but what they need.

4. The quote I live by: ” If you dont have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over” – John Wooden.

Opportunity is something that is often present but rarely seen. I see each person I’m given the opportunity to interact, help, or work with is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I give it my all because those first impressions may be the only ones. To be a person of success you have to be a person of value & nothing is more valuable than building positive relationships. All or nothing.

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