Instant Brow Lift

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I’ve always had this strange relationship with my eyebrows. It was around 8th grade my mom introduced me to tweezing. I remember her sitting in bed with on oversized magnified mirror inches from her face to get the new hairs that popped up within the week. It was a time when thin, high arches was in ( which, probably made me look surprised all the time). It was a simple (brow) time. My routine has changed a bit and I now use new techniques to lift, concealer and highlight my brows over the years. Here’s my steps to the instant brow lift:

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Products: Concealer – MAC Select Moisturecover, Highlighter- Bare Minerals AGlowHighlight brows with concealer and blend

Step 1. Highlight brows with concealer and blend with a small blending brush. By placing concealer around the brows and blending, you add shape and lift.

highlight the arch of the brow, Bare Minerals aglow eyeshadow

Step 2. Highlight. Using a small amount of powder, apply it right underneath the arch of the brow and blend across. This simple step will brighten and lift the brow instantly.

Instant Brow Lift 2

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