Lipstick As Blush

Lipstick As Blush

A makeup product that can be used in a multitude of ways are items I love to keep at the top of my makeup bag. Using a lipstick as blush was actually the hidden idea behind the product we now know as cream blush, believe it or not. I’ve been using this gorgeous bright pink lipstick (MAC Lickable) color combination on both my cheeks and lips for those dark, gloomy, winter days to brighter up my face. There aren’t necessarily any rules when picking colors or brands, you can use any shade or finish as blush. And here’s the simple steps I use to apply it:

Lipstick As Blush 3

1. Rub a decent amount of lipstick onto your finger.

Lipstick As Blush 2

2. Gently rub both fingers together, to really warm up the product. ( I prefer using my fingers because our body temperature warms up the product so it melts into your skin better.)

3. Tap the lipstick right on the apples of your cheeks and blend. 

Lipstick As Blush 4

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