The Perfect Cat Eye: 4 Simple Steps

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This liner look is quite simple and a go- to shape I’ve been wearing since high school. I did the same technique for years and before learning any other makeup tips, mastering eyeliner has been somewhat an identity for me. It elongates the eye shape and gives drama without being over dramatic for everyday. I usually go for a simple, clean eye makeup so the eyeliner can be the star. Here are 4 simple steps to create the prefect cat eye.

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Step. 1 Start by dotting out a line and shape of how long, thin or thick you want your eyeliner wing. I usually use the end of my brow as a guide.

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Step. 2 Connect the dots

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Step. 3 Draw a line to connect your wing to your lash line and continue a thin line of liner across to the inner part of your eye. You can control how thick or thin you want your line.

Step. 4 Clean up any mistakes with a Q-tip.

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Eyeliner: Lancome






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