DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree Cards

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Homemade cards are always a nice little touch for the holidays. They’re customizable, personal and quite affordable. I love taking the time to send out handwritten notes and cards throughout the year to friends and family. Here are the steps I took to make these Ribbon Christmas Tree Cards for the holiday season.

holiday ribbon, scissors, hot glue gun, cards and envelopes

Things you’ll need: Hot glue gun, scissors, ribbon, a marker, a pencil, cards and envelopes.


outline christmas tree

Start by marking the placement of your tree with a pencil as an outline. You can use a hole puncher or in my case I used a a pencil to make a small hole trough the card.

lacing with ribbon

Begin lacing the ribbon through the front of each hole.

glue the back pieces

Glue the ribbon ends together in the back.

lacing with ribbon

Lace the ribbon through the front and tie it into a bow.


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