Time Saving Beauty Tips


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We all have those days when our alarms don’t go off and we only have a few minutes to get yourself together. Then realizing later on that you forgot something, like mascara or blush. These things happen. So, here are a few makeup tips for time saving beauty on the go to help keep you looking all put together even in those short time constraints.

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Packing A Makeup Bag

I’ve learned to keep an emergency bag in my purse filled with items I might need on the go. Makeup products like; tinted lip balm, concealer, mascara and an eyeliner brush. And here’s how I use all these items on the go.

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Tinted Lip Balm Sticks

I love lip balm sticks. They give a great amount of moisture and color, but also double up as a cream blush. Swipe a little right on the apples of your cheeks and blend it out with your fingers.

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We all know concealer works wonders for dark circle, and it also works great as a highlighter. Try going one shade lighter than your skin tone for a brighter brightening effect down the center of your nose and along your cheekbones then blend with your fingers.

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Eyeliner might not be an essential for everyone, but if it is I found a way to make your mascara work as a two in one product by using it as gel eye liner. Grab an eye liner brush, dab it onto the wand, and draw a line right along the lash line.

I would love to know -which products you use as a 2 in 1?

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