Caring For Denim

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Denim is that one item in your closet you can pair with sneakers and then right into pointy toe pumps. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is quite difficult, but when you find them (if you’re anything like me) you’ll wear them until they’re hanging by the threads. In high school I had these soft denim jeans I wore almost everyday, with rips and frayed hems in all the right places. They were my favorite. I bet you can relate with having at least one pair you’ve had in your life. I’ve soon learned a few tips and tricks on caring for denim, to keep them as long as possible.


Start by adding a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to your rinse cycle. This will help maintain the color and seal the dye in your favorite dark denim. It’s the worst when your raw dark denim bleeds on everything in your wash cycle, right! Make sure to wash these separate for a few washes, you’ll thank me later.


If you’re in a rush to get out the house or you like the feel of your jeans in the drier, try turning down the temperature on the lowest heat setting. The low heat setting will help to keep shrinking to a minimum.


I’ve been there, when your favorite black jeans aren’t black anymore (usually noticed as I step outside in the sunlight). Denim does tend to fade after normal wear and washing, but to help prevent fading try washing your jeans inside out in cold water. This should help a lot!


Letting your jeans air dry is the best way to avoid them shrinking. Give them a light tug on the waistband by hand to give them an extra stretch. There’s nothing worst then your favorite pair of jeans fitting too tight!

I would love to hear how you care for your jeans below. While we’re talking about denim here are a few denim favorites: Head to Toe and All Black.

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