How To: Shop and Wear Vintage

How To Shop and Wear Vintage, the way to my hart Vintage shopping has become such a huge passion of mine. The thrill of finding unique pieces from different decades that find their way of working right into your existing wardrobe. Whether I’m shopping around NYC, or traveling out of state, my mom is the one person I can count on to hit up a thrift store or consignment shop with (you should see how excited she gets). It’s our thing!  She shares my same passion for scoring great deals on unique items. On a trip to Philadelphia a few years back, I found this amazing bohemian inspired dress (shown below) which has become one of my favorite purchases to date. Shopping at a thrift store can become addicting once you know what to look for. Every thrifter has their own tips on how to shop and wear vintage. Here are a few of mine.   choose your best asset, purple pencil skirt, luca luca, thin leopard belt, crew, bold colors Tip 1. Choose your best asset The best tip I have for wearing and shopping for vintage is to know your body shape. I find it so important that you wear what you know looks good on you. You might want to show off your small waist so be sure to choose pieces that highlight that area. Or, if your long legs are your best asset, try choosing a shorter skirt. Try to find pieces that make your body shape look amazing, and of course, something you feel comfortable wearing. This will make styling vintage clothing a whole lot easier.

be inspired, Pinterest Tip 2. Be inspired Get inspired and stay up to date by reading magazines, searching through your favorite fashion blogs and scroll through social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. You can get great ideas on what’s in style, upcoming trends, colors, patterns, and prints that you can see yourself wearing.

mixing vintage with new, chambray shirt, crew, tied at the waist, high waisted, yellow knee length pencil skirt, leopard vintage head scarf, Tip 3. Mixing Vintage with New A great way to start wearing vintage is by mixing vintage pieces with newer items you already own in your wardrobe. If you’ve found an amazing 80’s sequin skirt at your local consignment or thrift store, try pairing it with a basic white tee. The key to mixing vintage and new is to mix in basic pieces to help update them into the new era.

bohemian, long printed maxi dress, visualize Tip 4. Visualize When you find unique pieces try to visualize how you can add them into your wardrobe. Ask yourself, “How can I style this with pieces I already own? How can I make this piece fit my style? Where can I wear this too?” Go through a list of questions in your head and visualize outfits paired together. This will make vintage shopping a lot easier and will help eliminate buying items that eventually end up sitting in your closet.

be confident, fashion, style, Tip 5. Be confident! Be confident! Fashion is all about finding your own style that enriches your personality. Embrace the unique pieces you just found and rock them with a smile.

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