DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub 3

My main goal for summer, beauty wise, is to make more of an effort to wear my bright lipsticks as much as possible before the seasons change and my bright orange lipsticks become too bold to wear during the fall. I always feel that when all the focus is on my lips I need to make sure they are in the best condition possible so lip scrubs come in handy. Check out this DIY sugar lip scrub, it’s what I call the miracle-worker for kissable lips all summer long.

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub 1

Things you’ll need: 

Pure coconut oil
A teaspoon
A tablespoon
A mixing bowl
An empty jar DIY Sugar Lip Scrub 2

Directions: Start by mixing the coconut oil and honey until they bind together. Add two hand packed teaspoons of sugar and fold it into the base. Add one teaspoon of just the oil from coconut oil jar into the bowl. This will help smooth out the mixture and make the scrub extra moisturizing. Transfer the scrub from the bowl into a small jar or container.

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