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Don’t get me wrong I love bright lipsticks during this time of year as you can see here, but my go to everyday makeup for summer is a more toned down – less is more look. Glowing skin, bronzed cheekbones, paired with a bit of gloss has been my favorite no makeup, makeup routine lately. Here are a few steps in how I do it:

BB Cream, Rimmel, 9 in 1, Primer, Sunscreen, Skin Perfecter, Beauty Balm, Foundation

BB Cream I reach for my BB cream for a more natural look that hydrates and protects the skin. I find that, I like applying this with my fingers just like I apply my daily moisturizer.


Bronzer I apply a bronzer to my cheekbones, chin and the temples of my forehead. Bronzing these areas helps create a slimmer appearance to my face as well as gives an all over glow to the skin. Lately, I’ve been incorporating a bit of bronzer to my eye lid crease to create a little more depth on my eyes, since the eyes aren’t the main focus of this look.

HIghlight, MAC, Too Chic, Beauty Powder, Shimmer

Highlight I use an illuminating powder to all the areas where the sunlight would hit my face naturally. The highest part of the cheekbones, around the eyebrow, down the center of my nose and cupid’s bow.

Mascara, Loreal, Manga, Voluminous, Blackest Black, Lashes

Lashes Lastly, a few coats of mascara helps make my eyes pop since this look isn’t really focused too much on the eyes.

P.S – Have you tried the mascara experiment?

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