The Line Saver

So, It’s officially summer, and when the humidity hits the air my makeup has a hard time staying put. I’ve put together a Summer Proof Series of tips and tricks to get through summer without feeling exactly like the weather. The first on the list is The Line Saver. Lately, I’ve been into a summer beauty trend of lining the lower lash line with a bright cream liner. Here’s a quick tip on helping the liner last all day.

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Line – During the summer, I love adding a pop of color to my look. Not only does it make my eyes pop, it’s fast and super simple as well. I start by lining my lower lash line with a teal cream liner shade using a flat eye liner brush for a precise line.

Maybelline, Color Tattoo, Edgy Emerald, Paint Pot, Cream Liner, Eyeshadow Base, Wet n Wild, palette, Colorful Shadows

Maybelline Color Tattoo and Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette

Seal and set, Pencil Brush

Seal – Next, for extra lasting power I apply an eyeshadow in the same color/shade to lock in the cream liner. This will help with any sweating that occurs underneath the eye.

The Line Saver, The way to my hart, The under liner





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