DIY: Flower Hair Pins

DIY Flower Hair Pins, The way to my Hart,

Lately, I’ve been loving my hair twisted up into a halo effect, which I wore most of the time throughout my travels in Thailand. It’s easy and I love the look of messy up do’s that give off vibe that “I tried but, not so much.” I wanted to add something to this simple hair twist and decided to dress up a few bobby pins I had lying around. I picked up a few essentials and made three different variations of diy flower hair pins.

Scissors, Flowers, Bobby Pins, Hot Glue Gun

Things you’ll need:

Small Flowers, Hot Glue Gun, Scissors and Bobby Pins. I purchased most of these items at Michael’s.

Cut off the stem, Flat surface

After taking the flower buds off the stems, I like to cut the base of the flower for a flatter surface.

Tutorial, How to,

Add a small amount of glue and place your bobby pin, flat side down.

Twisted Halo, Flower crown

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  • Great tutorial, I’m definitely going to try this out.

    • Thank you. Perfect for Spring/Summer. I’ve been wearing them with different hair styles all week 🙂

  • This look so pretty! I definitely want to try this out for summer!

    • Thanks Carly 🙂 I tweeted 2 Thailand vlog links to you… Enjoy!

  • For some reason, when I’ve done this the pin seems to separate from the flower (small surface for adhesion?) so I’ve modified it by having a piece of felt glued to the flower and then the pin on top of that.

    Liz @

    • I haven’t had the problem, but that’s a great idea using a piece of felt in between 🙂

  • I love fashion but I tend to be a little boring when it comes to my hair so I really like this idea, it’s fun but not overwhelming!


    • I agree! You can add as many flowers as you like, so it’s not too overwhelming 🙂