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I’ve been in Thailand for 2 days now and It’s everything and nothing I imagined it to be. Experiencing and touring this country is more amazing than I anticipated. When It came to packing, I was trying to plan, figure and fit everything into a carry on luggage. The challenge of packing light, re-mixing pieces and washing as you go comes in handy when you’re traveling and lugging your bags to more than one part of the country.

Here are a few helpful travel packing tips I used while packing for a 3 week adventure through Thailand:


– Make a list of outfits you’ll wear everyday. Doing this will help prevent over packing.

– Choose versatile pieces that you can mix and match.


– Save space by tightly rolling as much of your clothing as possible. In my case I used these Ziploc Space Bags, simply roll out the air and it seal and flats your clothes to maximum space.


– Fill all nooks and crannies with smaller items.

– Shoes can take up a lot of space. I like to wear my bulkiest pair on the plane.

– Try putting toiletries in a plastic bag. You won’t want to open your luggage and find your shampoo and lotion all over your clothes.

– Leave some space for anything you might by while on vacation.


P.S – Check out what I packed in my Makeup Bag!

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