Chicken Taco Cups

Chicken Taco Cups, The way to my hart

Last week, we headed into Williamsburg for a night of tacos, frozen margaritas, and the only place you can bull ride in Brooklyn. I recently saw Viva Toro featured in a reality TV show and immediately knew I wanted to check it out. The vibe and food surpassed my expectations, and now there’s talk of Taco Tuesday every Tuesday going forward. I love the idea of mini bite size chicken taco cups filled with all the necessary ingredients. Taco Tuesday is always a good idea, right?

Round Wonton Wrappers, Baked, Cupcake Pan, Taco ShellLettuce, Tomato, Avacado, Shredded Cheddar CheeseFillings, Toppings, Stuffed

Round wonton wrappers baked and stuffed with chicken and all the necessary taco toppings.

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