The Twisted Braid

The Twisted Braid, The way to my Hart,

You may see the recurring “braid” link ( The Chain Link, The Fishtail, The Up-side Down French) in my Links I Hart post every other week. I’m fascinated by all the creative, tiny fingered people who can pick up on these new braid trends. I remember when you would ask someone to braid your hair you only had two choices; The french and the loose braid you did when you wanted to pull your hair out of your face. Now, we have some many unique variations that have me practicing for hours ( Yes, hours). For all the non-braiders out there, his variation is prefect for you.

Give The Twisted Braid a Try:

Side Part, Two even sections,

I start by parting my hair on the side and combing all my hair onto one side.

Separate the hair into two even sections.

Twisting, Tutorial

Twist both sections around your finger and over-lap the front piece with the back piece.


Once the two section are overlapping, make a hole by putting your finger through where both pieces meet.


Pull into two even sections again and repeat. Twisting, Overlapping, Splitting… Repeat.

Braiding, Hairstyle, How to,

End with a rubber band and your done!

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