How To: Bright Eyes

How To: Bright Eyes, Tutorial, Before and After, The way to my hart Most days I’m out running errands wearing the usual foundation, mascara, lip balm look. There are some nights I might not get a full 8 hours of sleep needed to look bright and refreshed. So, I use these quick steps to brighten up my whole face,  just by focusing on the eyes.

Concealer, MAC, select moisturecover

First thing I do after I’ve applied my foundation is apply concealer. I like to go one shade lighter than my foundation for a brighter affect around the eyes.

Ben Ney, Banana Powder

Next, I add a powder (again a shade lighter) to set the concealer in place for all day wear.

HIghlight, Inner Corner, Eye Shimmer,

Lastly, my favorite part is to highlight the inner corners of my eyes; it gives such an illuminating effect to my whole face.

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