Wearing & Loving: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers

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Rimmel: Luna /Stellar / Aurora

Lately, I’ve been wearing & loving these Lip Lacquer’s by Rimmel. They give such an extensive pigmentation when applied straight from the tube and leave a beautiful stain on the lips when blotted; which, is exactly how I like to wear them. You’ve probably walked right past them a few times, but now you’ll definitely want to grab a few if not all the next time you’re at your favorite drugstore. Here’s how I’ve been using these lip lacquers.

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I apply the lip lacquer straight from the tube onto my lips and blot until the pigmentation is embedded creating a stain. You can blot until you’ve reached your desired look. Beauty Tips, Top Knot

 What are some products you’ve been Wearing & Loving?


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