Superhero Tee

Superhero Tee, Coffee

A morning stroll with coffee in my superhero tee brought up a huge discussion about cartoons from childhood. It’s crazy that 20 years later my husband and I can still remember every episode and how each character made us feel. From the impact Pinky and the Brain had on me to keep trying to take over the world, to Tommy from Rugrats always looking for adventure and somehow never getting lost or hurt at the age of 15 months… Who was your favorite cartoon character or if you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Captain America, H&M, Black Jacket

Converse, Chuck Taylor, Black Sneakers, High Top, Ray Bans

Gray Tee, Burgundy Pants

Jacket: H&M /Sunglasses: Ray Bans / Pants: H&M / Tee: Captain America similar /Shoes: Converse

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