Inside Hart: Reading, Eating & American Idol

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(Halfway through The Book: Dark Places)

It’s been gloomy and rainy for the last week. Between snow storms one day, to heavy down pour rain washing all evidence of snow away the next, I’ve resorted to staying indoors for a few days. So, I put my feet up and dove into a new book and tried to finish a pomegranate. Is it just me or does it take days to finish this strange-looking fruit? When I wasn’t reading I was most likely catching up on Netflix. Speaking about shows… I was invited to attend the screening of the first episode and live Q&A with the judges of American Idol XIII. I’m not the biggest fan of American Idol, meaning I probably won’t remember when its airing to be addicted, but I can tell this season will be extremely funny and inspiring.

P.S. The book to movie adaptation of Dark Places will be out Sept. 2014

Flowers, Tulips, Colorful

(Little flower shop on the corner of 42nd street)

Heart Cutting Board, Pomegranate, Trader Joe's(Trader Joe’s pomegranate)

Crumbnut, Crumbs, Bake Shop, Donut

(A delicious Crumbnut from Crumbs on 42nd)

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(AMC Theatres Screening American Idol XIII)

DIY: Depotting Lipsticks
Superhero Tee