Frozen Pomegranate Cocktail

Frozen Pomegranate Cocktail, Jack Daniel's

If you’re like me, you love lemon in your water, lime in your corona, and cherries in shirley temples. Sometimes drinks just taste better with a bit of fruit. My house tends to be the “hangout” house; everyone is welcome, and lately whiskey on the rocks has been the drink of choice for the boys. This idea was inspired after my first encounter with a Pomegranate. I figured the taste would work well with a drink but the idea of freezing them in ice would be more pleasing to the eye. What better way to get fruit into your diet than to drink it (then eat it).

Give the Frozen Pomegranate Cocktail a try:

Ice Cube Tray, Frozen FruitPOMCOCKTAIL 8

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