DIY: Depotting Lipsticks

DIY Depotting Lipsticks

I cringed the day I mistakenly twisted my lipstick with the top on. I’m still unclear how this happened, but sadly it did. If this has happened to you, I feel your pain. I found an easy way to save that broken, melted or smashed lipstick. Depotting lipsticks can help save your favorite colors, formulas and of course money.

MAC, Jubilee, Nude, Lipstick, Broken, Smashed, Lips

Lipstick: MAC Jubilee

Use a butter knife to dig out all the product left at the bottom of your broken, smashed lipstick tube. You’ll be surprised how much product is still left in the bottom.

Melted, Over Candle, Pouring

Put all the product from the tube onto a spoon and heat it over a candle (as shown above) or over a lighter until melted. Take the melted lipstick and pour it into a small container.

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