All in the Accessories


All in the Accessories, H&M, Cream Sweater, Over the knee Boots

I was looking through old photos of my childhood recently and to this day, hats makes me laugh – let me explain. I’m half black and half white; growing up my mother was totally confused to what to do with my hair on a daily basis, which resulted in me wearing a hat.ย  I mean, I can’t blame her. They didn’t have the internet or YouTube to search “How to do my daughter’s hair.” It’s funny how hats are not only a fashion element but in my world, it was a bad hair saver. It’s all in the Accessories…

Black Brimmed Hat, Burberry, Scarf, Textured Sweater
Structured Bag, Tote, Lucky Brand Jeans
Sweater Weather, Cozy, Chunky Knit,

Hat: similar / Scarf: Burberry / Boots: similar / Sweater: H&M / Jeans: Lucky Brandย  / Bag: Structure Tote

There’s this new visual question app I’ve been obsessed with lately called Askem. It allows you to upload pictures, ask your friends questions and find out their opinions instantly. Head over to your app store, download, follow meย  and let me know – What’s your favorite accessory in this look?


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